Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Too many Gold Diggers? Stop being a Gold Dangler!

I live in a pretty wealthy town with a generous mix of old & new 'riche'. Since many men delight in displaying their wealth, it's hard to ignore certain bling ranks: car keys, address, clothes, restaurant choices, etc... Yet it's amazing the number of single men I speak with who start most sentences with:  "The women in this town are all gold diggers." 

While a large percentage of that may seem true (women tend to divorce very well here), my very next question is:  " Well, are you a gold dangler?"  This is usually met with a smirk 'n eye squint or a total blank expression. Gold danglers are men who are used to displaying their wealth in subtle or even vulgar ways. They practically dangle their "gold" in front of the ladies.
Key chain:  Porsche. Casual mention of their address: On the key. Or multiples: the house up north.  Wine order:   '97 Sassicaia. Or slipping "...yeah, last weekend we went out on the yacht...."  into the conversation. Lady ears are perked, interest is peaked.

Is there ANYTHING wrong with letting a woman know that you are $uccessful? Absolutely Not. But if a man is unhappy about consistently attracting gold-digging women, he needs to start thinking about what he's putting out there.  If a man really wants to know if a woman is attracted to him for WHO he is and not what he possesses, he needs to be careful about what he shares. I'm not suggesting showing up in a beat up Ford or abdicating his Fratelli Rossettis .. but men can steer the conversation away from excess pomp and fill it with more...stance.

 If a man is looking for authenticity, he needs to be authentic.
There is nothing more attractive than discovering that the man whom you are falling for is financially successful. ("Discovering" is the key word). It's like Christmas! The cherry on top..And you are both certain: He is certain that she likes him for who he truly is. She is certain that she likes him for who he truly is.

So fellas..Keep the swagger, just toss the swank.