Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Power of Vulnerability...... in Dating

The following link is ESSENTIAL for everyone (especially singles) to watch. It perfectly encapsulates the message of what's lacking in today's dating world:  vulnerability. Of course, nobody wants to show up and be vulnerable with a stranger...yet that's (almost) exactly what I'm proposing.  The whole purpose of  a date is to form a connection with someone. Share. Listen. Connect. Yet today, everyone is showing up with layers of masks - "I cannot show him that side of me" or "the hell if I show her that I like her so soon" or the ubiquitous, " I need to show that I'm in control".

In order to form a connection, we must allow ourselves to be seen.

By doing so, we create more of an intimate "bridge" with our date where we're able to connect on a deeper level. Honesty breeds intimacy. Authenticity truly is the new currency in dating. The Real You is who your date will fall in love with eventually, right? Beware of sharing too much, though. Remember, you're still in front of a stranger who doesn't need to know certain unsavory things right away. Less is still more.

The Power of Vulnerability

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