Monday, February 10, 2014

Cultivate the Art of Romance and Celebrate this Valentine's Day "La Dolce Vita" Style

Cultivate the art of romance and celebrate this Valentine’s Day - La dolce vita style
The key to romance and seduction is to create extraordinary moments out of ordinary things. Some of the most meaningful ideas come from simplicity and the heart. Here are a few:
1. Make a home-made card. Decorate it with your love, pictures, secrets between you and your lover and reasons why you love them.
2. Instead of giving ubiquitous roses, why not pick wild flowers and wrap them in newspaper or tie with twine for a vintage, romantic look.
3. Create an intimate memento and put your picture (or one of you together) or romantic expression on your lover’s favorite coffee cup, t-shirt, key chain, beer mug, etc…
4. Craft an “act of kindness” coupon and gift your lover an hour massage or offer to do the food shopping for that week or wash their car, walk the dog, etc.. Be specific and include an expiration date.
5. Name a S T A R after him / her (
6. Plan a night of sensuality with a warm bath, scented candles (sandalwood stirs the nether regions), Massive Attack’s “Protection” or Kid Loco’s “A Grand Love Theme” playing in the background and a new move between the sheets.
7. Prepare a wine tasting for two with four or five Italian wines; include an antipasto with Pecorino Romano cheese, Castelvetrano olives, Soppressata and warm bread drizzled with evoo. Buon Appetito
8. Room Service! Spend the night at a swanky boutique hotel and order the full dinner service complete with waiter, white tablecloth, decadent dinner covers and both of you in your birthday suit.
9. Write a poem and have it translated to one of the romance languages. Everything sounds better in Italian…Si, Si amore mio.
10. On a budget? Spring for Prosecco instead of champagne. It’s just as delicious and elegant. Or bring your lover a plant that symbolizes your relationship; nurture it and watch it grow with time and love.

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