Friday, May 1, 2015

Top Eight First Date DON'TS

What NOT to do on a first date!

Top 8 First Date Don’ts

1. Don’t complain. Just because you’re feeling comfortable with the person in front of you and feel compelled to share your tales of woe, don’t. It’s not fun to hear how upset or angry you are about your job / kids / life / daddy / mommy. People may kindly listen but inside they’re thinking what a downer you are.

2. Don’t “over” anything. As in over drink, over share, over do your sarcasm, overuse foul language, over- talk or talk over. Unless you want the date to be over before it even started
3. Don’t dump your dirty laundry on the table because you want to “get it out there” right away because “it’s a part of who you are”. Um…the stranger in front of you doesn’t‘t need to know about your bad divorce, prior convictions / addictions, bunion surgery or recent bankruptcy on a first date.

4. Don’t try to gage his financial status with questions about the car he drives, if he rents or owns or has a vacation home. It’s transparent and shallow and he will peg you as a gold digger.

5. Don’t be so intense. Make sure there’s levity and laughter otherwise, what is the point? Conversation that comes across as too serious or professional is off-putting. Nobody wants that energy on a first date.

6. Don’t worry about flirting or having a good time because you’re unsure about your date or afraid of leading him / her on. You are still allowed to have fun even if you decide that the person is not right for you.

7. Don’t emphasize your “restrictions” right away. It comes across as high maintenance when you immediately reveal your dietary restrictions, drink restrictions, health issues or crazy busy work schedule. Why lead with something so limiting?

8. Don’t expect too much. Your goal is to have fun, explore and connect. Starting with expectations too high is a recipe for failure. Stay open, hopeful, real and grounded.

Based on consistent feedback from our clients. In no particular order.

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