Thursday, September 24, 2015

First Date Rule #1: Looks Matter

 First Date Rule #1: Looks Matter

There’s no other time when looks matter more than when you’re single.

Keeping fit and making an effort in your appearance says you care about yourself and how you come across. That’s attractive.

Being “attractive” means being ‘appealing, inviting, tempting, sexually alluring’.
How attractive are you these days………?
Gentlemen, how you dress on a first date matters. Most likely, your date has blown out her hair, bought a cute dress, done her nails and then some.
So please iron your shirt, trim your a**neck and don’t wear open-toed sandals, flip flops or tevas. Ever. Don’t be lazy. Even though “it’s LA” or you live on the Westside, you’re not too cool to purposefully look like you made an effort to look good. Having a clear sense of style is hot and will differentiate you from the masses who think Lululemon or Birkenstocks are fashion statements.

Ladies, try to wear something that shows you’re female.

Men enjoy looking at women because we remind them of everything they’re not. Anything too corporate or “crunchy” gives the opposite effect.
Here’s what we’ve heard from some of our clients: “it looked like she was wearing a sack” or “She looked like a busy mom who just threw on lipstick” or “he looked way too casual for a first date” or “it looked like he literally rolled out of bed”.  Some of you may be thinking “I don’t care, this is who I am; take it or leave it” That’s fine if you’re okay being single for awhile.

If you won’t go the extra mile to make a good first impression for your potential future mate, when will you?

I’m willing to bet you make sure you look good for the important presentation at work or when you’re going out with clients.
Meeting the person with whom you’ll possibly spend the rest of your life is hands down even more important. Sure, we know that people get tired and jaded after too many unfruitful first dates, but that should never turn into apathy.

If you’re giving half-a**, you’re going to get half-a**.

We firmly believe there’s someone for everyone BUT the more you’re holding onto those extra pounds, your 20yr old hair style, your parachute pants or “this is who I am; deal with it” attitude, the smaller pool of candidates you will get to choose from. Everybody is special and deserves to be loved and adored. You must give someone a reason to explore your specialness. Like it or not, your presentation is the first step in enticing someone to discover you further.
Cristina Morara

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