Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top 10 Ways Women Fail With Men in Dating

Top 10 Ways Women Fail with Men (in no particular order)

1. Being too Needy.

It’s a surefire way to turn off a man in the early stages of a relationship. Women need to let men lead. That means he does all the pursuing, calling and planning in the beginning. Enjoy the delicate dance of being seduced and pursued. If he likes you, he will call you.

2. Always saying Yes.
Ladies seem to forget that they had a life before “He” came into it. Maintain your social life and go out with your friends once in awhile. It’s attractive for a man to see that the woman he’s interested in has a life. (In fact, that quality tends to be a prerequisite for a lot of men). It's too much pressure for a man to fee like he's responsible for your livelihood.
3. Being too guarded or neutral on a first date.
If a man has to use a million techniques to get a woman to open up on a first date, he will not ask for a second one. Men are much more inclined to ask a woman out again if she's given him signals that she's interested in him throughout the date. Being too neutral has almost the same effect as being disinterested.
4. Jumping the Gun. Women tend to create a beautiful scenario in their minds before a man even decides if he wants to have another drink with them. It’s important to show him that you like and appreciate him in subtle, feminine ways. Just don't put the cart before the horse and start planning too far in advance. Spend the early stages of the relationship learning about and enjoying one another before you plan to integrate him into other aspects of your life.
5. Just Being Nice.
How many times have you heard your female friends describe her date as a “really nice guy … but” We all know that’s the kiss of death. Only being nice doesn’t get you too far. So don’t just be nice, be other things, too. (Read: Confident, Feminine, Fun, Funny etc..) . You can communicate other aspects of your personality while behaving nicely. What’s your secret weapon?
6. Giving away all of your power.
Some women try to get men to like them by doing whatever the man wants. Men are never attracted to women who they can walk all over. It may be cool to 'get their way' at first but after awhile, it gets boring, they lose respect and usually take advantage of a woman’s desire to please. Don’t ever give away your personal power. It’s yours to keep and protect. You can be agreeable and flexible in a relationship, but you need to have a backbone or else he will take advantage of you eventually.
7. Going to bed too soon.
The type of women men want to settle down with are mostly women who are very selective about being intimate. Give the relationship time to grow; allow him to become emotionally invested in you first ; it will strengthen your bond when you do finally make love. Plus, it’s a lot easier for a woman to walk away from a relationship and move on when she hasn’t been intimate with a man.
8. Looking for Personal Happiness within a relationship.
The only person who can really make us happy is ourselves. Some women tend to look at their relationships as a place to feel complete, but that feeling cannot come from another person if it doesn’t begin with us first. Work on being secure with who you are before you get into a relationship. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is comfortable with herself – she exudes grace and confidence – which is hugely attractive to a man.
9. Underestimating your Feminine Energy.
Men fall in love with their eyes. They’re attracted to the sway of our hips, the bow of our lips, the small of our back, the scent of our perfume, the softness of our hands, the curve of our calves, etc..The more sensual a woman feels, the more she emits sexiness. So…take a long, hot bath before a date to get in touch with your body, play a favorite song that makes you feel sexy and “own” your favorite body part. Being sexy is a state of mind.
10. Permitting unacceptable behavior early on.
Women have two sets of rules of acceptable conduct: one for their girlfriends and one for their man. Certain behavior that women would not tolerate from their girlfriends become acceptable for the man they’re dating. Like... not calling when they said they would, being chronically late or calling only when they want something. When women make excuses for a man’s lack of consideration, she gives him permission to disrespect her and take her for granted.

Cristina Morara

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